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November 26, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Dear John Letters

When I opened my mailbox and discovered Elton John on the cover of EW, I felt like I was 11 years old again, and it was Christmas, and I’d just opened my best gifts — Rock of the Westies and Greatest Hits. Elton John on the cover? I’m 40 years old and I still can’t get enough. Thanks for making my day. LAURA HOLLERAN lalapodip@yahoo.com Norwalk, Conn.

My 6-year-old came across my copy of EW on the coffee table. Upon seeing Elton John in his red suit, black shirt, and dark glasses, he wanted to know if that guy was one of the Incredibles! He has a point, I think! TEENA HUMPHREY chumphrey2@cox.net Scottsdale, Ariz.

Elton is not only cranky, he is angry. His comments about Madonna were uncalled-for, and it is obvious he is desperate for press. It amuses me how Elton gets a kick out of Eminem’s new video but has a problem with teen-pop starlets. Elton, you’re trying too hard, and as far as Madonna goes, you are as green as Shrek. At this point, Madonna has earned more respect in the U.S. and the U.K. Now lighten up, before everyone forgets your great legacy of song. RICHARD SIGNORELLI rpm44go@optonline.net Huntington, N.Y.

Elton John cranky? hardly. Try brutally honest. He’s one of the few unedited personalities in an industry founded on phony public images and carefully crafted careers that favor commerce over creativity. Throughout his four-decade career, Elton John has shown courageous Candor — sometimes to a fault. As for his comments about today’s litany of lip-synching ”entertainers,” not only were they spot-on, they proved prophetic just days later, when Ashlee Simpson’s debacle was aired on Saturday Night Live. Bravo, Elton, you’re not afraid to both sing your songs and speak your mind with conviction into a microphone that is actually plugged in. JAMES TURANO jturano2002@yahoo.com River Forest, Ill.

That’s ‘Incredible’!

I understand what Brad Bird, creator of The Incredibles, means when he says ”people make assumptions about [animation] simply because it’s in that medium” and that The Incredibles is not meant for small children (”One Hot ‘Toon”). But who is he kidding? He must know that Disney’s marketing is feeding these assumptions when we see that The Incredibles merchandise is being sold at Disney stores for ages 3 and up. The word ” Disney” has always been associated with children. A small PG at the bottom of an advertisement won’t change that. LAURA TANNER Unchekd@sbcglobal.net Plainfield, Ill.

Jet Repelled

Phew! What a relief! I thought that my private jet was bad for the environment. My thanks to Woody Harrelson (”A Day at the Beach”) for setting me straight! LINDA HOFFMAN Broomall, Pa.

‘Grudge’ Match

I enjoyed your article about Sarah Michelle Gellar (News & Notes), but it is clear the Hollywood agent who said she is ”extremely limited” has never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy was a very complex, believable character because of Gellar’s acting ability. She portrayed Buffy’s fear, anger, passion, and humor each week. I know Gellar has the range to tackle any role she takes on, and I look forward to her getting the chance to show a wider audience what fans of Buffy already know. TAMI LADNER Gulfport, Miss.

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