By Erin Richter
November 26, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Nothing is easy to figure out in this moody British revenge drama from Mike Hodges (who directed 1971’s crime classic Get Carter and 2000’s casino noir Croupier). What’s the connection between two well-dressed, chauffeur-driven baddies (Ken Stott and the ever-twisted Malcolm McDowell)? What leads one of them to so brutally assault a drug-dabbling party boy (Rhys Meyers) that the lad kills himself? How will the victim’s older brother, a former ruthless gangster (Owen), handle the horrifying news, and why’d he flee London? And for God’s sake why bury Owen’s rough-hewn good looks under a beard for most of the film? (He’s a recluse, but that’s just cruel!) With quick dialogue, clever editing, and a somber noirish sense of intrigue, Hodges stylishly lets some — but not all — of the answers emerge.