By Kirthana Ramisetti
Updated November 26, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

One of those 1990s shows built around comedians, this male-centric family sitcom is based on Tim Allen’s macho observations about home life — the jokes punctuated by his signature ape-like grunting. His alter ego Tim Taylor’s passion for handyman projects almost always leads to disaster. When not gluing his head to a table or making cracks about his flannel-shirted sidekick Al (Richard Karn) on their how-to TV program, Tool Time, Tim wreaks even more havoc at home (such as when he soups up the dishwasher and it explodes). And who could forget that HI ignited the career of original Tool Time girl Pamela Anderson?

EXTRAS The highlight of a humdrum clips package on themes like ”Parental Lessons” and ”The Language of Love” is one devoted to Tim’s grunting. There’s also affable but unrevealing commentary from two executive producers, but since the show is based on Allen’s stand-up persona, the absence of his perspective is a glaring disappointment.