November 26, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
We gave it a B

Astronaut Buck Rogers, frozen in 1987, returns to a postapocalyptic Earth 504 years later. But dig it: The show, which debuted in disco-tastic 1979, is actually about a totally swinging cat bagging hot future-chicks. The fun is in watching hacky Gil Gerard, a.k.a. ”Lucky Buck,” smirk his way from cleavage-baring space pilots to midriff-revealing aliens to distressed damsels in every corner of the galaxy. Sadly, with every sweet innuendo and outlandish guest star (Jamie Lee Curtis as a penal-colony prisoner? Gary Coleman as a thawed-out genius? Groovy!) in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century comes a plodding sci-fi plot.

EXTRAS Technically, none, save the hugely kitschy feature film/pilot. Check out Buck’s old-school cool in the face of Col. Wilma Deering’s (Erin Gray) advances: ”I’ve been out of it for quite a while?500 years,” he deadpans. ”I’ve got to go easy on reentry.”

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