Robin Quivers plans her own daytime talk show. Does this mean she's parting with Howard Stern after 23 years?

By Gary Susman
Updated November 23, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Move over, Oprah. As Howard Stern prepares to leave traditional radio for satellite radio, longtime sidekick Robin Quivers is preparing her own shift, to daytime television. Sony Television announced Monday that it’s developing a talk show for Quivers that could debut as soon as next fall. It’s unclear what the new show means for her 23-year on-air partnership with Stern. Sony said in a statement that she’ll continue to appear on Stern’s morning show as she develops her own series, but the company did not say whether she could or would continue to work with Stern once her show begins.

Sony believes viewers are ready to see the 52-year-old former nurse and U.S. Air Force captain as more than just the woman who cackles at Stern’s naughty antics. ”There is a side of her that fans are rarely exposed to,” Sony exec Melanie Chilek said in a statement. ”She is both talented and caring and has overcome many challenges on her way to the top.” In her bestselling 1995 memoir Quivers: A Life, she wrote that she’d been molested as a child and had battled depression and weight problems for much of her adult life.

Stern and Quivers have been on vacation this week, and their morning show is in reruns, so the outspoken pair have yet to discuss the shift with their audience. But Quivers said in a statement: ”I’m really excited about this opportunity and have always enjoyed my daily interaction with audiences. I look forward to extending that role with daytime television audiences.”