By Gregory Kirschling
Updated November 19, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

MOVIES ”I’m not nervous at all!” declares 25th Hour star Rosario Dawson, who has reason to be — she’ll play the drug-addicted Mimi Marquez in Chris Columbus’ movie version of Rent. It’s her first musical, but she says she’s always been a singer (remember how she sang ”She Lives in My Lap” with Andre 3000 on The Love Below?), and she nailed her audition: ”Even when I would mess up a line or something, they thought I was perfect.” Plus, she’s lived the show. ”I grew up on the Lower East Side, on Avenue B, here with all the homeless people being kicked out of Tompkins Square Park, the police riots, the squatters getting pushed out, the gentrification. So it’s really a privilege. It’s a great, great, great show.”… George Clooney — speaking of, damned excited to see Ocean’s Twelve! — will direct, star in, and cowrite Goodnight. And, Good Luck, a real-life drama about the TV face-off between Sen. Joseph McCarthy and CBS broadcaster Edward R. Murrow, who exposed the red-baiter on his news show See It Now. As that CBS crazy-talker Dan Rather would say, this project sounds hotter than a Times Square Rolex!

TELEVISION The Sopranos doesn’t end till 2006 — thank God; that gives the Deal Report a whole lotta time to finally sign up for HBO — but Jamie-Lynn DiScala, who plays Meadow, might already have her follow-up vehicle. She’s developing a UPN show about Vivian, the archetypal NYC girl of the blog Vivianlives and Sherrie Krantz’s popular book series. ”I was doing Beauty and the Beast [on Broadway], trying to find quiet things to pass the time, to save my voice,” says DiScala. ”And a friend of mine gave me The Autobiography of Vivian, the first book, and I completely fell in love with it.” Now DiScala would love to play Vivian — whose dog, by the way, is named Omelet, awww — but she can’t till late fall 2005, when she’s all done with The Sopranos. ”She’s like all the Judy Blume heroines I grew up with, all these girls who you loved so much and wanted to be,” says DiScala, ”but their lifestyles were attainable.” Not like that harlot Carrie Bradshaw’s, right? ”Vivian goes to sample sales to get hand-me-down Manolos,” DiScala explains. Just like the rest of us.