''Toy Story 3'' in the works, so far without Pixar. Disney pushes forward with plans to make a sequel, even though the original animators aren't on board

By Brian Hiatt
Updated November 16, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

”Mommy, why does Woody look different?” Disney is going ahead with previously announced plans to make ”Toy Story 3” without the participation of Pixar, the digital animators who made the original films, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Pixar’s distribution deal with Disney is expiring, and the two companies have been unable to strike a new deal.

But Disney, which holds the rights to the ”Toy Story” saga, is building a new digital animation headquarters specifically for the production of a new sequel, according to the Reporter. The move is unlikely to endear them to Pixar, which is reportedly courting other studios. Meanwhile, Tom Hanks recently told reporters that he is uncertain whether he would reprise the voice of Woody if Pixar is not involved.