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By Marc Vera
Updated November 15, 2004 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza

Hayden and Aaron

AGES Both 25

HOMETOWN Los Angeles

RELATIONSHIP Dating actors

LOWDOWN Since another team apparently had dibs on ”dating models,” Hayden Kristianson (no lie, that’s her real name) and Aaron Crumbaugh (ouch — that’s his real name too) got stuck with ”dating actors.” We know why they’re racing: for Hollywood stardom! Who knows, or cares for that matter, if they’ll get far? They make good eye candy.

STRENGTHS Their good looks and athleticism

WEAKNESS Letting their desire for fame distract them from the race

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza

Avi and Joe

AGES Avi Schneier (left), 32; Joe Rashbaum, 32

HOMETOWNS Brooklyn, N.Y. (Avi), and Ventura, Calif. (Joe)

RELATIONSHIP High school buddies

LOWDOWN One of the few teams not cast for their photogenic looks, these buddies (ahem, nerds) could take the whole thing. Avi, a high school science teacher, provides the analytical brain, while Joe, an ad-agency owner, gives the team the creative edge. Their bland, friendly banter, however, shows no signs of getting vicious, indicating they may lack the requisite killer instinct.

STRENGTH Brains over brawn

WEAKNESS Insistence on keeping kosher

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza

Adam and Rebecca

AGES Adam Malis, 27; Rebecca Cardon, 29

HOMETOWN Los Angeles

RELATIONSHIP Formerly dating

LOWDOWN These two personal trainers have little chance of winning, let alone rekindling their once vibrant romance. With Adam hating everything but himself, and Rebecca fearful of Adam’s verbal abusiveness toward her, it’s a disaster in the making. Adam’s go-it-alone stance can only cause things to go downhill.

STRENGTH Their buns of steel — they’re both spinning teachers

WEAKNESS Not listening to each other

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza

Lori and Bolo

AGES Lori Chestnut Harvey, 33; Bolo Dar’tainian, 38

HOMETOWN Molino, Fla.

RELATIONSHIP Married pro wrestlers

LOWDOWN One day the producers of The Amazing Race will come up with better ways to describe their teams. Lori doesn’t wrestle anymore, and Bolo (formerly BAD of the National Wrestling Alliance-Wildside) wants to become an actor. In the first episode, Lori (a.k.a. Silicone Sally) mentions it’s so cold in Iceland that her implants are freezing. Her ball and chain mainly just whines.

STRENGTH Muscles, muscles, and more muscles

WEAKNESS Possible silicone leakage

{C} {C}

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza


Lena and Kristy

AGES Lena Jensen, 23 (left); Kristy Jensen, 26

HOMETOWN Pleasant Grove, Utah


LOWDOWN Kristy is a ”devout Mormon mother-model-student” (and she’s single, too, guys!); Lena is a carefree former striptease aerobics instructor, now a student. The two may turn out to be more aggressive than they at first appear: A few years ago, they got into a fistfight.

STRENGTH Their good looks could get them far…

WEAKNESS …but cute doesn’t always equal smart.

{C} {C}

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza


Don and Mary Jean

AGES Don St. Claire, 69; Mary Jean St. Claire, 66

HOMETOWN Portola Valley, Calif.


LOWDOWN This season’s token older couple will definitely melt your heart. Don, a physician, and Mary Jean, an interior designer, have 6 children and 16 grandchildren (all from previous marriages). They attribute their renewed zest for life to surviving a nearly fatal boat accident in the South Pacific.

STRENGTHS Life experience

WEAKNESSES Old age usually means tired muscles…

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza

Freddy and Kendra

AGES Freddy Holliday, 34; Kendra Bentley, 25


RELATIONSHIP Engaged models

LOWDOWN One of the four teams this season that include models, this pair could actually provide some entertainment. Why? Freddy wants to settle down and have kids, but Kendra isn’t quite ready for that. Breakup! If they falter early, Freddy can fly them back home, since he’s also a pilot.

STRENGTH They’re already world travelers from modeling gigs.

WEAKNESSES Freddy can’t sleep on planes; Kendra needs nine hours a night.

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza

Gus and Hera

AGES Gus McLeod, 50; Hera McLeod, 24

HOMETOWNS Gaithersburg, Md. (Gus), and Los Angeles (Hera)

RELATIONSHIP Father-daughter

LOWDOWN Gus used to be in the CIA, but now he’s an ”adventure pilot,” whatever that means. From the looks of the season premiere, he’s quite a handful, which explains why Hera, a special-ed teacher, has had her problems with him (maybe dating back to when he named her Hera). Let the crying commence… now!

STRENGTH CIA connections never hurt anyone.

WEAKNESS Gus thinking he’s always right

{C} {C}

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza


Kris and Jon

AGES Kris Perkins, 30; Jon Buehler, 29

HOMETOWNS Long Beach, Calif. (Kris), and Scottsdale, Ariz. (Jon)

RELATIONSHIP Dating long distance

LOWDOWN Yet another couple that is using the platform of The Amazing Race to see if their relationship will work. A former go-go dancer, Kris is currently a student and waitress, while Jon owns a bar. (Where are the people with jobs like lawyer and doctor?)

STRENGTH They could strip for money.

WEAKNESS Their only languages are English and Spanglish.

{C} {C}

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza


Jonathan and Victoria

AGES Jonathan Baker, 42; Victoria Fuller, 32

HOMETOWN Los Angeles

RELATIONSHIP Married entrepreneurs

LOWDOWN Simply being married isn’t enough, and Victoria’s status as an ex-Playmate wasn’t enough. The producers had to pad their résumé by calling them entrepreneurs, even though that only applies to Jonathan. In all honesty, they should have called them the ”Bickering Couple From Hell,” given their talent for screaming at one another. Self-destruction begins in five.

STRENGTH Intense focus

WEAKNESS Their constant yelling

Image credit: The Amazing Race: Tony Esparza

Meredith and Maria

AGES Meredith Tufaro, 26 (left); Maria Sampogna, 26



LOWDOWN They perhaps first bonded over their mysterious job titles: Meredith is a ”licensing manager,” and Maria is a ”registered sales assistant.” Judging by the first episode, they’re followers, not leaders.

STRENGTH Big poofy hair

WEAKNESS Even though they’re from New York City, they lack street smarts.

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