Creator Ryan Murphy spills the beans on the rest of the cancelled episodes

By Mandi Bierly
Updated November 12, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST


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Before Ryan Murphy created Nip/Tuck, he gave us Popular, The WB’s satirical take on high school. Even though it was canceled in 2001, Murphy had big plans for season 3.

Where We Left Off

Brooke (Leslie Bibb) bolted the prom after Harrison (Christopher Gorham) chose between her and Sam (Carly Pope) off screen — and was hit by a car driven by Nicole (Tammy Lynn Michaels). Mary Cherry (Leslie Grossman) was sent to an orphanage when her mom, Cherry Cherry (Delta Burke), decided she’d rather let Mary’s twin sister, B. Ho, live with the family.

What Would Have Happened

Turns out Harrison chose Brooke, who fled out of guilt. Nicole stands trial for attempted murder but walks.

R.I.P. B. Ho

After her twin is gunned down in a drive-by(!), Mary Cherry is rescued — from a dog pound (where dad RuPaul abandoned her post-orphanage). ”You find out she was literally suckled and raised by pound dogs during her formative years,” Murphy says. ”It was gonna be so wrong.” Or so right.

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