Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
Updated November 12, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Their Hero

Perhaps the question should not be ”Who’s got the power?” but rather ”Who’s got the power over ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY?” But then, the answer is obvious considering Mel Gibson was the main feature of your Oct. 22 issue rather than Christopher Reeve. I guess I’ll just rip off the first few pages and pretend you folks cared enough to put a true Superman on the cover.


Bothell, Wash.

You can add this to the scores of ”What were you thinking?” letters I’m sure you’ve already received regarding your cover. While I always enjoy seeing Mel Gibson when I open my mailbox, you have done a discredit to Christopher Reeve’s memory by relegating the news of his untimely death to a small upper corner of the cover. Not only did he earn many fans through his movie career, he was also critical in bringing the controversial issue of stem-cell research into the public eye and raising social awareness. He taught us all a lesson in strength, courage, and grace. Reeve was truly a Superman and he deserved more.



Chandler, Ariz.

Balance of Power

I wasn’t even able to finish reading the Power Issue before wanting to write you. Thank you for a thoughtful review of who’s who (and who’s not) in the entertainment industry. I greatly appreciate EW’s taking the time to rethink the Power Issue. Recently, lists have inundated the mainstream with what have become redundant, trite references because of their hollow pervasiveness. Thanks for reflecting what I have always known: EW respects its duties to readers and the industry that gives the magazine its name by constantly bringing innovation and character to its reporting. Way to be relevant!



Durham, N.C.

As a longtime subscriber, I always look forward to the yearly Power Issue. Not only do I follow the list because it’s part of my business as a writer — and a list I want to be on someday — but I love reading about who’s up, who’s down, who’s rising, and who’s falling in the industry. This year I nearly cried when I saw your ”new approach.” Not only did it drain the fun out of the issue, but a lot of the informative sidebar tidbits were missing as well. Bring back the old format, please!



Texico, N.M.

When it comes to power in Hollywood, for some reason teen queens such as Lindsay Lohan do not enter my mind, let alone compare with the likes of Mel Gibson. Her acting ability is third rate, and her singing career? Come on. I don’t buy it. Real talent and power come from experience and education, whether it be in the arts or elsewhere. She should follow the footsteps of young actresses such as Julia Stiles, who actually care about a future outside of show business. Then maybe she’ll, like, totally become respected in Hollywood.