Hugh Grant: I'm ''semi-retired'' from acting. Like ''Bridget Jones'' costar Renee Zellweger, he has no plans, but also no interest in finding new roles

By Gary Susman
Updated November 12, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Hugh Grant
Credit: Hugh Grant: Alastair Grant/AP

Enjoy Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason because after that, you won’t be seeing him in another movie for a while, or maybe ever. At a press conference promoting the film earlier this week, he noted that he hadn’t done much in the last three years besides his ”smallish” parts in Love, Actually and the Bridget sequel. ”So I’m sort of semi-retired.” The 44-year-old said he has no film roles in the works and doesn’t want any. He may reappear behind the camera; ”I keep thinking I’m about to write a brilliant script,” he said, though so far, he’s sorry to say, he’s done ”bugger-all.”

Grant has been telling reporters he’s semi-retired for some time now. In 2003, he told TV’s Extra that he suffered from ”boredom with show business.” Recently, he told Australia’s Sydney Sun-Herald, ”I don’t return my agent’s calls. I don’t read scripts very much. I was never a very committed actor.”

Grant’s remarks echo similar comments made by his Bridget costar Renée Zellweger, who told Reuters this week that she wants to take an extended sabbatical, hang out with friends, and be ”just a girl” for a while. ”I don’t see myself climbing into a makeup chair any time soon and taking another role,” the 35-year-old Oscar winner said.