A look at some of the holiday season's noteworthy movie previews

By Marc Bernardin
Updated November 12, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
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EW compares four movie traliers

OCEAN’S TWELVE It’s supposed to feel like a bunch of old friends getting back together. And it does. Then why do we get the feeling that, despite the fab locales and chummy camaraderie, they’re just in it for the money? B

ROBOTS Nothing quite like forced whimsy to harsh a nice trailer buzz. Sure, the CGI looks fab for this kid ‘toon, and Ewan McGregor sounds all sweet as the lead ‘bot, but do we really need another manic Robin Williams jester? Er, no. C+

THE RING 2 Skeevy flash images notwithstanding, when a creepy voice keeps warning that ”you let the dead get in,” that’s when you should stop watching the scary trailer, get fetal, and call your mommy. B+

IN GOOD COMPANY With a cast like this — Topher Grace as the new boss, Dennis Quaid as the old pro — we can almost forgive the use of Peter Gabriel’s ”Solsbury Hill.” such a cheap shortcut to feel-good. B+

In Good Company

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  • Paul Weitz