By EW Staff
Updated November 12, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

BLUES EXPLOSION invite you to drop by the studio and check out the jams that didn’t make it onto their new record, Damage. Just click on ”Media”and scroll to ”Demos.” BLUES-EXPLOSION.COM

It’s okay to be a ”Victim.” Surrender to the onslaught of FAT JOE’s heavy beats, unrelenting flow, and Things of That Nature when you download a complimentary track from his forthcoming album. FAT-JOE.COM

Their debut EP won’t be out until January, so no need to PONY UP! for a CD just yet. But there are two songs available online by this indie-pop act made up of ridiculously cute tomboys from Montreal. PONYUP.CA

Class up your musical palate with a live rendition of the elegant ”One Day” by folk-inspired English songstress POLLY PAULUSMA: It’s performed with a string quartet! POLLYPAULUSMA.COM