On ''The Real World,'' Landon plays around, making Shavonda jealous, and M.J. celebrates his birthday by revealing his secret superhero identity

By Brian Hiatt
Updated November 10, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

”The Real World”: Boys will be boys

In a house full of infantile goofballs, it’s usually hard to single anyone out for silly behavior. But Shavonda’s drama-queen possessiveness over two separate boys, neither of whom she is actually dating, made her this week’s winner, beating out previous champions Landon and M.J. (although, inevitably, the twins provided their share of hilarity this week as well).

Remember when Shavonda broke up with her adenoidal-voiced, hipster-dweeb long-distance boyfriend, Shaun? Good, because she doesn’t. Despite the fact that, they’re, you know, not going out anymore, Vonda spent the beginning of the episode indulging her obsession with his trip to see another ex-girlfriend — which led to the terrifying black-and-white sight of the unphotogenic Shaun professing his love via webcam. (Hey Shaun — can you step back a little farther from the cam next time? Seriously. Thanks.)

Meanwhile, despite Shavonda’s rejection of Landon’s muscle-man mauling, she seemed unduly upset when he brought home an apparently mute female bartender for some aquatic adventures. Landon and his pickup began in the hot tub (where Landon wiggled his triceps like the Hulk trying to woo Jennifer Connelly) and then moved into the shower — where they Totally Didn’t Have Sex. No one on the Real World will ever admit to having sex, despite photographic evidence to the contrary (actually, Cara from Chicago — having been caught in the actual act — is an exception).

M.J. maintained his I’m-not-gay fascination with naked dudes, peering in at the Landon-bartender coupling. But Shavonda proclaimed the affair ”sick” and voiced some understandable concern over the hygienic state of the communal shower. Fresh from complaining about Shaun to Landon, she complained about Landon to Shaun. She even offered her ultimate punishment: ”I won’t even sleep in his bed anymore. That’s just nasty.” But just what was she ever doing in the guy’s bed in the first place?

Also this week, we met the house’s third split personality: In the proud tradition of Sarah’s Swedish alter ego Ivana and Landon’s drunk doppelänger Leo, the episode introduced M.J.’s superhero identity, Muja Star. (”M.J. can sound like Muja if you pronounce it a certain way,” he nonexplained.) The appearance of Muja Star — in a cape, mask, and stuffed underpants — provided a disturbing capper to M.J.’s childishly gleeful celebration of his 24th birthday. And while Muja Star’s avowed purpose was to ”protect the house from all intruders,” he didn’t do a darn thing about Landon’s bartender.

What do you think? Who’s more ridiculous — M.J., Landon, or Shavonda? And does anyone have any idea what happened to Karamo?