''Shrek 2'' DVD sets record after three days. Viewers bought 11 million discs and spent $185 million since the video's Friday release

By Gary Susman
Updated November 09, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
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Shrek 2, already the year’s top-grossing movie, may become one of the top-selling DVDs of all time as well. In the first three days after its release on Friday, DreamWorks says, the video racked up $185 million in sales, about 40 percent of what it earned at the box office over an entire summer. It sold 12.1 million copies, with a record 11 million of them on DVD, nearly as many as the original Shrek has sold in the three years since it was released on disc, and enough to make Shrek 2 one of the top 10 selling DVDs of all time after just a single weekend.

DreamWorks handled the cartoon sequel’s home video release like a blockbuster theatrical opening, with a saturation ad campaign and with the film hitting stores on a Friday instead of Tuesday, the day most videos are released. Variety estimates that Shrek 2 could take in $200 million by the end of its first week and double that by the end of the year, nearly equaling the $437 million the movie earned in theaters. It could also sell between 20 and 30 million discs, putting it in the same league as Finding Nemo, the all-time top selling DVD (22 million copies).

Shrek 2

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