Pixar's new movie does ''Incredible'' its first week. The latest animated movie draws in a crowd larger than ''Finding Nemo'' did its opening weekend

By Dave Karger
Updated November 06, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: The Incredibles: © Disney/PIXAR

The figure is, in a word, incredible. The latest Disney/Pixar family film, The Incredibles, premiered this weekend with $70.7 million, on par with last summer’s opening of the blockbuster Finding Nemo.

Nemo debuted with $70.3 million; that The Incredibles was able to match that tally (or beat it, if the numbers hold) is remarkable given the new film’s longer running time (almost two hours) and tougher rating (PG). Moviegoing families, who have already come to adore Pixar product, were certainly even more excited for The Incredibles given its near-uniformly rave reviews.

As expected, the hit biopic Ray maintained its No. 2 slot by adding a few hundred theaters and seeing a small 31 percent drop to $13.8 million and bringing its 10-day total to $39.8 million. Surprisingly, the two current high-profile horror films held on quite nicely as well even though Halloween is now history: The Grudge fell 40 percent to $13.5 million, while Saw slipped only 38 percent to $11.4 million.

But the news wasn’t so good for Jude Law’s remake of Alfie. Proving again (after September’s Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) that Law isn’t yet a big box office draw, the romantic comedy premiered with only $6.5 million. Then again, Alfie is Law’s third release in less than two months (he’s also in I Heart Huckabees), so an appearance by him in your local theater isn’t exactly big news.

Alfie (Movie - 2004)

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