The ultimate rock star gift guide -- Maroon 5's Adam Levine, Fatboy Slim, and Vanessa Carlton are among the stars who L2T what they want for the holidays

By EW Staff
Updated November 05, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

This holiday season, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine wants…

”This is really nerdy and dorky: I want the Jimmy Page Les Paul — they made this limited edition reissue of a ’59 Les Paul that’s just like the one he played on the Led Zeppelin albums. It’s got this awesome pickup select that makes it sound like a Strat — and a Les Paul. I guess I’m a bit of a gearhead. Also, I’d be open to accepting the gift of a house in the Hollywood Hills. From anyone.”

For the Adam Levine in YOUR life…

‘Art of Modern Rock’ book It sucks: The traffic was sooo bad that you missed that Beck show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. But, hey, at least now you’ve got the cute bunny-festooned poster, and many more in this swell 492-page coffee-table tome. (

Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox The roadhouse classic enters the 21st century. Best updates? It holds 80GB of tunes (about 1,000 albums), won’t skip?or steal your quarters. (

Sony Studio Monitor Headphones MDR-V700DJ ”I always get these, and then I break them halfway through the year,” says Levine. ”They sound great.” (

Trojan Shared Pleasure Condoms with Warm Sensations lubricant Hmm, is it getting hot in here, or… (

Incase Tour gig bag Not only is it the easiest way to carry that axe around, but it’s got room for a laptop and a wah-wah pedal. Bring on the Fillmore! (

This holiday season, Fat Joe wants…

”I usually don’t get s— for Christmas. I don’t even get a freakin’ croissant. But if I could get anything, I’d like to own a villa on Barbados. It would have a private beach, about eight bedrooms, a pool, and a private boat. Just like on that Corona commercial. But not in hurricane season.”

For the Fat Joe in YOUR life…

Nintendo DS The next-gen Gameboy doubles your visual pleasure with two screens, wireless gaming, and a touch-sensitive screen. Translation: Mario and Luigi have gone gangsta! (

Def Jam Fight for NY Maybe you can’t beat Method Man in a mic battle, but now it’s easy to kick his ass in an all-out street brawl. (Watch out for Kimora Lee Simmons’ nails.) (

Jacob the Jeweler pinky ring ”I like anything from Jacob the Jeweler,” says Fat Joe, ”but I’ve been thinking about getting a nice pinky ring, with a sky blue diamond. Maybe two or three carats.” (

Reebok’s Ice Cream sneakers Quirkier than Jay-Z’s and 50 Cent’s lines, these Pharrell-designed kicks go best with a blazer, baggy jeans — and, apparently, a cone. (

T-Mobile Sidekick II How else are you gonna instant-message, send e-mails, take photos, and return calls from Usher’s yacht in South Beach? (

This holiday season, Vanessa Carlton wants…