Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
Updated November 05, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Wives Less Ordinary

At last Marcia Cross is back on your cover, and to say Desperate Housewives is worth watching is putting it mildly. Not since Melrose Place have I loved a show so much. This show will finally make Marcia a household name, and it’s long overdue! All the stars are great, but I’ll be watching for three reasons: Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!


Your insightful decision to put the cast of Desperate Housewives on the cover just reinforced what I have been predicting for months — the series is a hit! Not since the ”Who shot J.R.?” glory days of Dallas has a prime-time soap packed such a punch of pure 151-proof guilty pleasure! I just wish the cover had included fellow castmate (and beloved Knots Landing vet) Nicollette Sheridan, whose hausfrau-cum-hoochie-mama character, Edie, is positioned to become the series’ standout bad girl.

TRACEY BUSH LUVDIOR@aol.com Williamstown, W. Va.

Central Quirk

Thank you, EW, for introducing us to three shows that are intriguing and two shows that think kooky just to be kooky is a reason for us to watch (”Screen Saviors”). Being quirky means nothing if there’s no compelling story or no characters to relate to. I look at Desperate Housewives and Arrested Development and all I can think is that certain writers, producers, and actors in Hollywood think creativity is creating a world that’s as odd as you can imagine instead of finding new ways to tell a smart story.

THOMAS MCLAUGHLIN invisiblebear@hotmail.com Chino Valley, Ariz.

Magic ’80s Ball

Thank you for your recent article on Duran Duran (”The Return Return of Duran Duran”). Oh, how it brought me back to the days of watching every rerun of Solid Gold to catch the video for ”The Reflex,” changing my name to a band member’s name for the sake of anonymity in note passing, and crying real tears when I heard about Simon LeBon’s near drowning during a yacht race. As I get ready to buy Astronaut, I realize I should not make fun of prepubescent girls’ obsession over boy bands — it seems that at 31, I am still obsessed too.

KRISTIN BROTHERS kbb97062@yahoo.com Tualatin, Ore.

Snipe Gripe

At last someone has pointed out how distracting these increasingly prevalent promos (snipes) have become (News & Notes). It was annoying when they started with corner logos, but now snipes are everywhere (and some have sound). NBC and its affiliates have them popping up whenever they want. These marketers don’t get that most of us watch TV to escape into the story, not to be frustrated by how often programs are interrupted.

JEREMY MYKAELS jmykaels@yahoo.com San Francisco

The Facts of Life

Finally, an autobiography by someone who actually had a life to write about (Books)! Bob Dylan’s career spans five decades and his story is absolutely fascinating. The history lessons alone are worth the price of Chronicles: Volume One. I have shoes older than most of today’s pop tarts who think they have lived long enough to tell their story. Instead of publishing garbage they will eventually regret, they should take a tip from a legend and wait 30 or 40 years. By then they will have made a legitimate contribution to the arts and may have something interesting to say.