A White Stripes DVD, a book of hip-hop photography, and a Nirvana boxed set makes L2T's must list

By EW Staff
Updated November 05, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST


WHITE STRIPES Sadly, Jack White’s full-contact beatdown of the Von Bondies’ Jason Stollsteimer will not be included in the White Stripes’ first live DVD, Under Blackpool Lights (V2), which was recorded in England earlier this year. There are some outtakes from the equally bloody Ali-Foreman ”Rumble in the Jungle,” however. Kidding. (Out Dec. 7)


HANDSOME BOY MODELING SCHOOL Hip-hop’s most eclectic collective take on the pigmentally challenged on their latest CD, White People (Elektra). The album’s standout Caucasian? Underrated blue-eyed soul man John Oates, who turns in a butter-smooth performance on ”Greatest Mistake.” (Nov. 9)


HIP HOP FILES: PHOTOGRAPHS 1979-1984 Twenty-five years ago, newspaper photographer Martha Cooper hauled around NYC, shooting a bunch of everday kids painting subway murals, dancing on the sidewalk, and rapping in the park. It was the early days of hip-hop, yo, and it’s all documented in this very fresh, fly, and dope coffee-table book. Adidas and Kangol not included. (Out Nov. 30)


KATAMARI DAMACY (Namco, PlayStation 2, E) This Japanese puzzle game has an odd premise: Roll around a sticky ball to collect progressively larger items like stones, cars, and yes, even sumo wrestlers. Trust us: The addictiveness isn’t lost in translation. (Out now)


FESTIVAL EXPRESS Dirty hippie alert: The Age of Aquarius comes to DVD with this long-lost footage of a five-day concert tour that the Grateful Dead, The Band, Buddy Guy, and Janis Joplin took across Canada in a customized train. Whoo-boy, that caboose bathroom must’ve stunk! Equally bong-friendly: the new DVD of 1977’s The Grateful Dead Movie. (Express out Nov. 2; Dead Nov. 9)


FADE TO BLACK The occasion of Jay-Z’s farewell concert hardly sounds like powerful enough enticement to go see a theatrical flick about it — not when the supposedly retired rapper just kicked off a tour with R. Kelly last month. But false advertising aside, Fade to Black, a documentary chronicling the buildup to Jigga’s November 2003 Madison Square Garden ”swan song” performance, is ripe with revealing footage about the new record exec’s startling creative process, relationships with other artists, and the beliefs that keep him constantly moving forward — retired or not. (In theaters Nov. 5)


JIMMY EAT WORLD These guys feel your pain, man — and vent a bit of their own on ”Pain,” the first single from their latest, Futures. Hear cuts from that mopey CD, and hopefully some of their poppier material (can we get ”The Middle” please?) on their current tour, which stops in San Fran, Pittsburgh, and Boston before ending in Detroit on Dec. 1. Thick black-rimmed glasses optional. (jimmyeatworld.com)


BOXED SETS The most anticipated? Nirvana’s long-delayed three-CD collection, With the Lights Out, which will include a bonus DVD. The most overstuffed? The Grateful Dead’s Beyond Description (1973-1989) (Rhino), a dictionary-size, 12-CD collection with 68 bonus tracks focusing on the second half of the crew’s long, strange trip. The most unnecessary? Michael Jackson’s four-CD (plus one DVD) The Ultimate Collection, which should look really nice next to 1995’s HIStory and 2003’s Number Ones. (Nirvana out Nov. 23; Jackson Nov. 16; Dead out now)