The Canadian pop-punk band discuss not being known as the ''naked'' band, their experiences visiting the Congo, and the last jobs they had before they became rock stars

By Leah Greenblatt
Updated November 05, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

You’d think a raucous young band with a well-documented appetite for all things 80 proof would be up for an evening of L2T-sponsored boozing. And tonight, you’d be exactly half right. While the members of Sum 41 — whose most recent collection of metal-scourged pop-punk nuggets, Chuck, is currently storming Billboard’s charts — were all present and accounted for at Bongo in NYC’s Chelsea, two (singer Deryck Whibley and guitarist Dave Baksh) were too stricken by nasty autumn colds to fully partake. Luckily, bassist Jay ”Cone” McCaslin and drummer Steve Jocz happily picked up the slack.


Hair Care

JOCZ, Grey Goose martini (dry)

I’ll tell you right now, I’m a delightful drunk.

McCASLIN, Absolut Vanilla and Coke

He likes to hit when he gets drunk, like punch you in the arm.

L2T, Negra Modelo

Um, just don’t noogie me or anything, okay?

JOCZ No, no, no, I know not to f— with a woman’s hair. You can f— with a lot with a woman. You can get pretty far, but you touch the hair…

Baksh, Heineken

As a married man, I’ve learned that there’s a way to touch the hair without getting a bad reaction.

JOCZ There’s also a way to pull the hair and get a great reaction.

BAKSH It’s true.


Members Only

MCCASLIN, Absolut Vanilla and Coke

You know what? We’ve never been the ”naked” band. Some bands, they walk around the tour bus nude. But we’ve never even seen each other’s penises before, except for the last little while. Steve has acquired this new bit, though, where you say, ”Steve, what time is it?” And he pulls his pants down and, you know… [Mimes something not fit for print, but you get the idea.] So now we’re that band, all of a sudden.

JOCZ, Grey Goose martini (dry)

Hey, just because I don’t shower with my bathing suit on, like some people, doesn’t mean that I can’t show everybody my penis now and then.

L2T, Negra Modelo

Is he an embarrassment?

BAKSH A little bit.


”Pop” Culture

L2T gingerly removes a cockroach from the wall and deposits it, cruelty-free-style, in the street.

JOCZ, Grey Goose martini (dry)

Cone’s scared of everything — flying, driving, living…

L2T, Negra Modelo

Wow. So how did he do when you guys were in the Congo? [The band recently returned from filming a documentary in the war-torn region.]

JOCZ Well, of course, we were all scared s—less. But once we were back in Uganda and safe, they were having this party, and they’re setting up this arc of balloons that goes over the pool, and occasionally they just popped because of the heat of the sun, and Cone’s jumping like a cat.

MCCASLIN, Absolut Vanilla and Coke

All the guns in the Congo are old, like it’s just a pop, and the balloons were exactly the same sound, so I was hitting the deck.