Will new fall movies inspire offscreen style? -- ''Alfie,'' ''Being Julia,'' and ''Kinsey'' are among the fall flicks that feature stylish looks

By Michelle Kung
Updated October 29, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fall means the return of the ”serious” movie. This year’s batch also means some seriously stylish wardrobes. Here are a few celluloid looks we’d like to see spark some offscreen trends.

SNUGGLE UP Note to men still afraid of metrosexuality: Buy those tight pants! When he’s not busy taking them off, Jude Law’s fitted suits in Alfie give his rakish chauffeur an aura of detached sophistication. Which makes us want him more.

HEADY STUFF Annette Bening’s veiled cocktail hats and crystal-accented turbans from the ’30s-set Being Julia are fab. But for non-theater-diva types, the film’s fuzzy capelets are fashion-forward and wearable.

GO LONG J. Lo’s thespianism is upstaged by Shall We Dance?’s sexy yet not over-the-top dresses — especially the yellow number she wears. Bonus: The elegant, long skirts give the miniskirt-phobic reason to jig.

PREP TIME Yes, the mohawkish buzz cut is a little extreme, but Liam Neeson’s bow ties and tweedy suits in Kinsey are so square they’re hip. And how refreshing is Laura Linney’s proper preppy look after too many seasons of hoochie Hilton wear?

LOVIN’ HUE Perfect inspiration for the return to vibrant jewel tones, Beyond the Sea‘s Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee (Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth) model a hit parade of outfits like neon yellow suits and purple cinched-waist gowns.

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