Arnold would like to be able to run for president. Schwarzenegger tells ''60 Minutes'' he favors a constitutional amendment making immigrants like himself eligible for the White House

By Gary Susman
Updated October 29, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Credit: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Damian Dovarganes/AP

If Arnold Schwarzenegger has his way, there could be another Kennedy in the White House someday — namely, his wife Maria Shriver, as First Lady. In an interview scheduled to air Sunday on 60 Minutes, the actor-turned-politician says he favors a constitutional amendment that would make foreign-born citizens like himself eligible for the presidency. Asked by Morley Safer if he’d like to run for president someday, Schwarzenegger says, ”Yes, absolutely.” He adds, ”Why not? With my way of thinking, you always shoot for the top.” Not that he’ll be running anytime soon; even if the law allowed him to run, he says, ”There are so many things I have to do in California and my promise was to straighten out the mess in California.” Rating his performance during the year he’s spent as governor, he says he’d give himself an eight out of 10. ”I think I fell short on some of the things. Probably the communication with the legislators.”

The same Oct. 31 installment of 60 Minutes will also contain a new look at the Ashlee Simpson fiasco. In preparing a story on the making of a typical episode of Saturday Night Live, Lesley Stahl and her crew captured behind-the-scenes footage of Simpson’s notorious lip-synch snafu last week, as well as a dress rehearsal in which Simpson also fled the stage because of her failing voice, leading to the ill-fated decision to use a backing track during the show. Viewers will surely be glad 60 Minutes is devoting its time and effort to these pressing news stories two days before the election.