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Tom Hanks, Cast Away
Credit: Cast Away: Zade Rosenthal
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What great movie was destroyed by a bad ending?

Has an otherwise terrific movie been destroyed by a terrible ending? — Matt
It might be an overstatement to say “destroyed,” but I can think of two telling examples of superior films that were deeply marred by their brainless conclusions. In the ebullient romantic comedy Kissing Jessica Stein, the heroine embraces her lesbian side, and then — wouldn’t you know? — reconnects with heterosexuality at the end, an about-face that looks even more reactionary considering that she’s hooking up with her lout of an ex-boyfriend. (The film seems to say: Better to be with a jerk than queer.) And what was director Robert Zemeckis thinking in the last section of Cast Away? Tom Hanks is rescued — and, having spent the better part of two hours conversing with a volleyball, he’s shown readjusted to civilization in the space of one camera cut.

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Cast Away

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