By David Browne
October 22, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Our music reviewers answer your questions

Is there a recording you secretly enjoy that would make other critics laugh at you? ?Aaron

Where do I begin? Hanson’s first album. David Crosby’s stoned-beautiful If I Could Only Remember My Name. The hits of the 5th Dimension. The songs of Jimmy Webb. Quad City DJ’s ”C’mon N’ Ride it (The Train).” All affect me in one way or another, and for that, I never let the laughter get to me.

Has the success of any artist or band truly baffled you? ?Sean

Dave Matthews. At times I can see how his watercolor-mush mix of world beat, folk, and lite jazz would appeal to people who want some exotic flavor in their pop. But this many people? I suppose I’ll never understand.