Here's why we want the classic Carmen Miranda film released on DVD

By David Marc Fischer
Updated October 15, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Yup, this is the one with Carmen Miranda and her famous tutti-frutti hat — but that’s not all. Besides the bodacious bananas and supersize strawberries, this World War II-era musical features ”The Polka-Dot Polka,” jitterbug frenzies, and tuneful odes to Brazil, New York, and, naturally, Paducah (”another name for paradise”). As if the English-mangling Miranda weren’t reason enough to go gaga, there’s long-limbed Charlotte Greenwood kicking up her heels, Edward Everett Horton throwing prissy fits, Alice Faye warbling ”No love, no nothin’…I’m gettin’ plenty of sleep,” and Benny Goodman and his band swinging to ”Minnie’s in the Money.” Plus, of course, the glorious, eye-popping, kaleidoscopic Technicolor. How this trippy 1943 Busby Berkeley extravaganza hasn’t yet made it to VHS — let alone DVD — makes even less sense than Miranda’s myriad malapropisms. But there is room for hope: Rumor has it that our inquiries have started wheels turning at Fox Home Entertainment…