October 15, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Howard Stern isn’t the only raunchy pop-culture figure who’s taking his act to satellite radio broadcaster Sirius in order to be as nasty as he wants to be. Eminem will beat Stern to the network by about 14 months. Slim Shady’s Shade 45 hip-hop channel, announced in July, will debut on Oct. 28, broadcasting live from an event called the Shady National Convention, event organizers said in a statement. The convention, which comes a couple weeks before the release of Eminem’s new album Encore, will take place at New York’s Roseland ballroom, where Eminem will talk to the press in red-carpet interviews and perform a concert that will air live on his new channel.

Shade 45 will feature an Eminem-selected playlist of tracks and mix tapes by a variety of hip-hop artists. Like Stern, whose channel launches at the beginning of 2006, the rapper is touting the uncensored nature of Sirius, which is not subject to FCC indecency regulations because it’s a pay service. ”Once upon a time not too long ago, the feds wanted all my music off the air,” Eminem said when he announced plans for Shade 45 in July. ”Now we’ll be on Sirius 24 hours a day, playing the best hip-hop — not just from Shady Records, but from everywhere. We’ll deliver an uncut hip-hop radio station like never before. I can’t wait to start dropping new material, exclusive tracks and uncensored hip-hop featuring me and everyone else, freely saying whatever the hell we want.”

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