By Whitney Pastorek and Ann Lieber
October 15, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT


She’s always a woman to him: Billy Joel, 55, married 23-year-old culinary expert Kate Lee on Oct. 2. It is the Piano Man’s third marriage, her first…. Former Baywatch actor Michael Bergin, 35, tied the knot with hairstylist Joy Tilk, 34, Sept. 24. It is the first marriage for both…. 8 Simple Rules mom Katey Sagal, 48, wed The Shield writer and coproducer Kurt Sutter, 42, Oct. 2. It is her third marriage, his second.


Whether or not he plans on resuming his role as James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, 51, has at least made up his mind about one thing: The actor became an American citizen on Sept. 23 in L.A., stating he wants to be eligible to vote for John Kerry in the upcoming election. He will retain his Irish citizenship.


Raise Your Voice mom Rita Wilson, at the Oct. 3 premiere of the film, has a set of work demands: ”If you’re going to get up at five, you better have some Starbucks and some good people to talk to.” What a diva!


Who’s an ignorant slut now, boys? On Oct. 2, SNL‘s ”Weekend Update” was hosted by two women for the first time in its 29-year history: Cast member Amy Poehler, 33, joined Chicago improv buddy Tina Fey to deliver the news and endure jabs like ”Other Girl” and ”Not Jimmy” (Fallon, her predecessor). ”I’ll take it for a while,” Poehler says. ”I’m just trying to be myself, ’cause it’s my big face up there in the close-ups. I was also worried about reaching under Jimmy’s chair and finding it riddled with all his old gum.”


A Los Angeles travel agency sued Courtney Love, 40, for breach of contract Sept. 27 in L.A. New Act Travel claims Love ordered nearly $50,000 in airline tickets and hotel reservations in 2003 and now refuses to pay. The agency is seeking undisclosed damages. Reps for Love had no comment…. Writer Allyson Turner filed a copyright-infringement suit against Sony Pictures Entertainment Sept. 27 in NYC, alleging that the 2002 Jennifer Lopez thriller Enough plagiarizes Even Exchange, which she sent to the studio in 2000. She seeks $5 million in damages. Sony reps say they ”do not comment on legal matters.”


Martha Stewart, 63, who was convicted in March of lying to federal investigators about a stock sale, will serve her five-month prison sentence, beginning Oct. 8, at a low-security facility in West Virginia known as Camp Cupcake.


Following a series of lawsuits that drove him from his Restaurant bistro, Rocco’s, chef Rocco DiSpirito, 37, will close his original restaurant, NYC’s Union Pacific, on Dec. 24. DiSpirito plans to pursue ”new opportunities outside the restaurant world.”


Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, 63, has successfully finished six weeks of radiotherapy for throat cancer at a London hospital. He was diagnosed in June.


New York DJ Scott Muni, 74, of complications from a stroke, Sept. 28, in NYC… Jean Ruth Hay, 87, host of WWII radio show ”Reveille with Beverly” of a stroke, Sept. 18, in Fortuna, Calif…. Musical-comedy performer Ignatius (”Iggy”) Wolfington (The Music Man), 84, of natural causes, Sept. 30, in L.A…. Former Walt Disney Pictures president Richard L. Berger, 64, who launched Touchstone Pictures, of cancer, Sept. 29, in L.A…. Theater director Jacque Levy (Oh! Calcutta), 69, of cancer, Sept. 30, in NYC…. Astrologer and actress Joyce Jillson (Peyton Place), 58, whose forecasts ran in more than 200 newspapers worldwide, reportedly of kidney failure, Oct. 1, in L.A.