Spears: Call me Britney Federline. She says she'd like to take new hubby's last name, though ''society probably won't allow me''

By Gary Susman
Updated October 13, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Spears and Federline: Splash News

Next time you’re at the record store searching for Britney Spears CDs, you may have to look under F instead of S. The newlywed pop princess reportedly wants to take new husband Kevin Federline’s last name. ”I probably will, Britney Federline, I like that,” Germany’s Bunte magazine quotes her as saying. ”Society probably won’t allow me, but I would like to change it.” Right, because for hundreds of years, society has frowned upon women taking their husband’s names. If anything, she should be worried about whether Jive Records will allow it.

The name change would be part of Spears’ rapid evolution from teen virgin to young adult vixen to housewife. Echoing earlier comments she made in a recent People interview, Bunte quotes her as sayingshe wants to start a family very soon. (She’s already a stepmom to Federline’s two kids from a previous relationship.) ”There are a few things I want to take care of this year before I have my baby,” Bunte quotes her as saying. ”I’d love to have a baby already. But I’ve got to take care of some things first… I want to become a mother. I’m crazy about children… next year, when I’m 23 I’ll be ready.”