October 12, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Eminem’s new video is called ”Just Lose It,” which is what Michael Jackson did when he saw it. The clip makes fun of the King of Pop, with several scenes of Eminem dressed as Jackson and satirizing notorious episodes from his life, including the current allegations against him of child molestation. ”Michael Jackson is very angry. He feels that Eminem has crossed the line,” Jackson spokeswoman Raymone Bain told the New York Daily News. ”Michael is calling upon all networks to pull the video.”

In one of the scenes where Eminem dresses up as Jackson, little boys jump up and down on a bed. Another shows Eminem/Jackson with his hair catching fire, as in his ill-fated 1984 Pepsi commercial shoot. In another, the singer’s nose falls off. The rapper seems to want to have it both ways, simultaneously lampooning Jackson while denying he’s doing so; one lyric says: ”That’s not a stab at Michael/ That’s just a metaphor/ I’m just psycho.” The video also sends up other pop cultural figures and films, including Madonna, MC Hammer, Pee-Wee Herman, and the movies Bad Santa, Old School, and Eminem’s own 8 Mile.

Despite tabloid rumors, Bain denied to the Daily News that Jackson plans to sue the rapper. He merely wants to get TV outlets to agree not to air the video, which Bain said he finds ”completely insensitive,” as well as ”disrespectful and offensive.” She said that so far, only BET had agreed to do so. Speaking to TV’s Celebrity Justice, a BET spokesperson confirmed that the channel would not air ”Just Lose It,” in response to Jackson’s request and out of respect for BET’s longstanding relationship with him. There’s been no comment from Eminem or his record label.

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