Winners, losers of ''Tonight Show'' changing hosts -- EW tells you who does and doesn't benefit from Conan O'Brien taking over for Jay Leno on the long-running late night talk show

By EW Staff
Updated October 08, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

So maybe it wasn’t a triple-hanky moment when Jay Leno announced Sept. 27 that Conan O’Brien will replace him on The Tonight Show. I mean, it ain’t happening until 2009, people! But tears of joy — and pain — were still shed over the news.


Jon StewartThe Daily Show host’s stock is sure to skyrocket now that O’Brien — the only other obvious choice to host a late-night show — has been locked up by NBC.

David Letterman With Leno on his way out, his fans might finally change the channel to the No. 2-ranked Late Show and give Letterman the audience he needs. And imagine the ratings bonanza if Leno goes on Late Show five years from now to bury the hatchet with Letterman!

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog America’s least adorable canine will have a whole new audience…to poop on.


Fox and ABC For two networks that desperately need to boost their late-night presence, the list of potential hosts just got a lot shorter.

Whoever replaces Craig Kilborn The poor guy — or gal — will have to compete against the now-hot O’Brien for five years.

Carson Daly Stock up on your No-Doz, pal. Tara Reid’s former muse is sure to remain in late, late, late-night obscurity for a long, long, long time.

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