Is ''Survivor'''s Brady being muzzled by the FBI? CBS says he's unavailable due to a new counterterror assignment, but the fed's fiancee says the bureau is punishing him for appearing on the show

By Gary Susman
Updated October 08, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Brady Finta: Monty Brinton

Wondering why you didn’t see this week’s Survivor: Vanuatu outcast Brady Finta doing the usual live post-show interview on CBS’ The Early Show on Friday? His absence has something to do with his job as an FBI agent; in fact, the bureau may keep him from appearing on TV for any Survivor-related event in the future, including the traditional reunion show at the finale on Dec. 12.

Finta appeared in a pre-taped interview rather than in person, Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler said, because the FBI had asked him to withdraw from the spotlight because of an upcoming counterterrorism assignment. Guess the bureau wasn’t too happy about him potentially blowing his cover by appearing on several episodes of one of TV’s most popular shows. (Then again, telling the world about your agent’s next case isn’t a great way to keep his cover either.)

Finta feels the bureau is unfairly punishing him for his notoriety — so says Bronwen, a weblogger who says she is his fiancée. In a post that was quickly removed on Thursday, she wrote: ”His employers are giving him a really hard time about his dip into reality TV. Apparently, most of the authority figures who signed off on his little adventure now either don’t remember or simply don’t believe they would ever sign anything like that and Brady must have lied his way onto the show…. So he is hurt. I am so angry I want to scream. This dream job he has worked so hard for has totally slapped him in the face.”

Had Finta made it all the way to the finale, his employers might not have allowed him to take home the $1 million jackpot, Bronwen wrote. ”So unless some miracle happens, you won’t see much more of Brady…. They have told him he can not go to New York and do any post production, not a single appearance or interview. Today we wanted to quit, tomorrow he is out with the SWAT team breaking down doors and catching bad guys. Life on the line for a company that kicks you in the guts. Doesn’t make sense.” Clearly, Bronwen never watched The X-Files.