The Emmy-winning actress discusses the likelihood of a ''Sex and the City'' reunion and whether her ''Tanner'' character and Miranda would get along

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated October 08, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Tanner '88

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She won Steve’s heart — and, finally, a long-overdue Emmy — as no-nonsense lawyer Miranda on Sex and the City. Now Cynthia Nixon’s revisiting another role from her HBO past: Alex Tanner, the worry-prone daughter of a presidential candidate in Robert Altman’s mockumentary Tanner ’88. In the follow-up mini, Tanner on Tanner (the Sundance Channel, starting Oct. 5), Alex has graduated to full-blown neurotic — and become a financially strapped documentary filmmaker shooting a movie about her father’s failed campaign. That’s right, it’s a mockumentary about a documentary…

So you won the Emmy — what does it feel like?

It’s heavy. It’s a little sharp. But it doesn’t have the thing that says my name. I wonder if I have to send it back or something? I really want it to say my name.

Is there really no chance of a Sex and the City reunion movie?

I don’t think there’s any chance of any kind of reunion. It’s all over. I don’t want to say too much about what was going to happen [in the movie], but I do know Charlotte was going to go to China to get her baby, and Steve and Miranda were going to have a lot of marital trouble.

Why revisit Tanner now?

We reran the old Tanner earlier this year, and all of us were shocked at how well it held up. Plus, it was the year of the documentary film, and it was a nice way to spoof the documentary.

Tanner’s a Democrat. Do liberals use entertainment too much to propagate their point of view?

We’ve also got The Passion of the Christ, don’t forget. I think there’s a place for all of these films…. Michael Moore’s films are impressive, but I think Bob [Altman] wanted to criticize Moore [with Tanner] just a little bit because he is so propagandist. That’s one of Bob’s strengths as a filmmaker — he shows the strengths and weaknesses of everybody.

Alex and Miranda are both driven Manhattanites. Any chance they’d be friends?

Alex would completely annoy Miranda. Completely. She’d be like, ”Why do you not have your stuff together, and why do you take up all the oxygen in the room?” Miranda could afford to fund her, but she wouldn’t. She’d be like, ”You’re not going to make your stupid little films with my money.”

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