Who's who on ABC's hit drama? Here's our guide to 14 key castaways

By Liane Bonin
Updated October 06, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Keeping track of the disparate plane-crash survivors on ABC’s Lost (Wednesdays at 8 p.m.) is almost as difficult as getting past airport security. In the debut episode, Dr. Jack (Matthew Fox) estimated that ”at least 48” people made it through the disaster. We’ve narrowed them down to the 14 castaways you need to know. Read on for our guide.

Image credit: Lost: Mario Perez


CALL HIM The sexy doctor

PLAYED BY Matthew Fox, who may finally be able to shake his identification with Party of Five

DEFINING MOMENT Almost immediately after the crash, Jack takes charge by performing triage on the wounded and dying. His quick thinking anoints him as the (supercute) leader of the pack.


Image credit: Lost: Mario Perez


CALL HER The adorable escapee

PLAYED BY Newcomer Evangeline Lilly, who had a role in Stephen King’s creepfest series Kingdom Hospital (maybe that’s why she knows how to stitch up Jack’s back wound)

DEFINING MOMENT In a flashback, we learn that the helpful, sweet-natured Kate is a prisoner being transported by a federal marshal. She ditches her handcuffs when the marshal is injured in the crash.

SHOULD HAVE PACKED A fake ID (in case they ever get rescued)

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Boone and Shannon

CALL THEM The bickering siblings

PLAYED BY Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace, who appeared, respectively, in two lost causes: the WB drama Young Americans and the Fox comedy Oliver Beene

DEFINING MOMENT Shannon decides to sunbathe rather than help build camp, igniting a bitter argument with responsible Boone.


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CALL HIM The drug-addicted rock star

PLAYED BY Dominic Monaghan, in a bit of a switch from portraying the heroic hobbit Merry in The Lord of the Rings

DEFINING MOMENT Charlie, sure that the flight crew is about to bust him for possession, stuffs his drugs into the john just seconds before the plane crashes.

SHOULD HAVE PACKED A bigger stash, duh

Image credit: Lost: Mario Perez


CALL HIM The friendly fat guy

PLAYED BY Jorge Garcia, a former standup comic

DEFINING MOMENT He’s not just jolly, he’s also resourceful. Shortly after the crash, Hurley gathers food from the plane and distributes it to survivors.

SHOULD HAVE PACKED A dry white wine to go with the meal

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CALL HIM The Iraqi soldier

PLAYED BY Naveen Andrews, who previously portrayed a landmine-defusing Sikh soldier in The English Patient

DEFINING MOMENT When Sayid is able to fix the plane’s broken transceiver, other passengers put aside their suspicions that the former Republican Guard fighter caused the crash.


Image credit: Lost: Mario Perez

Michael and Walt

CALL THEM The dad and the lad

PLAYED BY Harold Perrineau (the wheelchair-confined prisoner in the HBO series Oz) and Malcolm David Kelley (the lad in Antwone Fisher and You Got Served)

DEFINING MOMENT Walt, desperate to find his missing Labrador, instead finds Kate’s handcuffs.


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CALL HIM The angry smoking guy

PLAYED BY Josh Holloway, who may have learned something about playing tough from guest spots on CSI and Navy NCIS

DEFINING MOMENT Confronted by a raging polar bear, irritable Sawyer pulls out a gun and blows it away. His companions are grateful until they start thinking about how he got the gun.

SHOULD HAVE PACKED Nicotine patches

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CALL HIM The friendly old guy

PLAYED BY Terry O’Quinn. Don’t write off Locke as a cuddly grandpa figure yet, since O’Quinn is known for playing shadowy types on The X-Files and Millennium.

DEFINING MOMENT Locke impresses Walt by describing the ancient game of backgammon, while setting up his board.

SHOULD HAVE PACKED A badminton set

Image credit: Lost: Mario Perez

Sun and Jin

CALL THEM The monolingual Korean couple

PLAYED BY Daniel Dae Kim (Angel) and Yunjin Kim, a well-known South Korean actress who is making her U.S. acting debut, although she grew up in New York

DEFINING MOMENT Controlling Jin carefully carves up raw sea creatures to feed his fellow castaways but has few takers.

SHOULD HAVE PACKED A Korean-English dictionary

Image credit: Lost: Mario Perez


CALL HER The pregnant Aussie

PLAYED BY Emilie de Ravin, who has confronted equally alienating situations on Roswell and the TV remake of Carrie

DEFINING MOMENT Claire’s lethargic baby starts to kick just after mom takes a bite of Jin’s seafood. Overjoyed, Claire grabs the stranger’s hand and places it on her belly, much to his horror.

SHOULD HAVE PACKED Prenatal vitamins