By Lynette Rice and Gregory Kirschling
Updated October 01, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

MOVIES Suppose you and your crew were knocking off a diamond store and another crew rolled in and tried to pull the same robbery at the exact same time? That’s the bummer scenario in which David Boreanaz, formerly The WB’s Angel, finds himself in The Hard Easy, a heist movie costarring E.T.’s Henry Thomas as the head of the other gang. ”I’m in the getaway car, so my people go in and they don’t come out — the other gang comes out!” he explains. ”It’s hardcore,” he promises, citing ”a Reservoir Dogs/Usual Suspects feel to it.” Newlyweds‘ Nick Lachey, he reports, will rock a small part as one of ”my boys.” The ”brilliant” Bruce Dern also costars.

TELEVISION Now that Sharon Stone has won a guest actress Emmy for her stint on The Practice, would she ever, ever think about joining fellow Emmy winners James Spader and William Shatner on the new Boston Legal? ”I would,” Stone says, ”because both James Spader and Bill Shatner are people I love to work with. Let’s face it, it was a trifecta! It seems like it would be silly not to come back. David E. Kelley’s writing is extraordinary. That’s probably what the E stands for.” David ”Extraordinary” Kelley Productions says nothing is set ”in stone.”… Another Stone, South Park‘s Matt—currently embroiled in ”the s—tiest moment of my life,” i.e., round-the-clock editing on Team America: World Police, his new movie with Trey Parker—is really jazzed about How’s Your News?: On the Campaign Trail, a Trio special airing Nov. 2 that he and Parker exec-produced. A sequel of sorts to the surprisingly moving How’s Your News? DVD that hit this summer, the show sends six mentally and physically challenged reporters to interview the likes of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Michael Moore at the Republican and Democratic national conventions. ”The funniest reaction by far is Ben Affleck’s,” Stone laughs. ”He turns into this mini-JFK.” And according to director Arthur Bradford, ”Ronnie” — a big guy with cerebral palsy — ”interviewed Andre 3000, and they sang some songs together. They did ‘Georgia on My Mind’ and some improv songs about the convention.”