The Special Collector’s Edition is exactly as we want it to be, with its perfectly choreographed ’80s-feel-good-film routine, its cocky maverick who bucks the system and makes changes for the better but also learns a few things about himself, its extended gymnastic dance in an empty warehouse. There’s a reason this made Kevin Bacon’s career: Like Lori Singer’s hot minister’s daughter, we’re taken with Bacon’s Ren McCormick from the moment he improbably sets foot in that ultrareligious, dance-free town ruled by John Lithgow’s glowering holy man. And we are with him through it all: the game of tractor chicken, the climactic city council meeting, even the burgundy tux in the final dance.

EXTRAS Bacon’s commentary track is worth a spin. (Among the shocking details: He is not a real gymnast.) The docs are great too—particularly part 1, which includes interviews with folks from Elmore City, the real Oklahoma town that inspired the story. And let’s hear it for the boy who played Ren’s rhythm-challenged sidekick, Chris Penn, emerging from obscurity for this special occasion!

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