''Family Guy'' relaunches in '05, will you watch? Ken Tucker answers this and other reader questions

By Ken Tucker
Updated October 01, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Family Guy: Fox

”Family Guy” relaunches in ’05, will you watch?

You really hated Family Guy. Do you plan to revisit the show when it relaunches in 2005, and do you think you’ll hate it all over again? –Paul West
Whenever something you — and by ”you” I mean ”I” — hate becomes popular, as Family Guy did with its release on DVD and subsequent cable reruns, It’s necessary to step back and try to figure out the appeal. In this case, I think Family Guy excelled at a kind of humor I have no use for: Intentionally dumb jokes mixed with ironic references to pop culture. I detest the so-silly-it’s-good aesthetic of judgment. I’ve rented the DVDs and re-watched the show with as open a mind as possible, but nope, no laughs emerged from me. As for its relaunch, you bet I’ll be watching. The pressure’s on creator Seth MacFarlane to see if the show can build on its burgeoning cult following to become what it hasn’t been so far: a network hit — that is to say, a show with a real broad, mass following, like The Simpsons. Good luck, Seth.

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