Meet the women of ''The Bachelor,'' an older (slightly) yet wiser (?) group vying for the affections of bass fisherman Byron

By Liane Bonin
Updated September 25, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Meet the women of ”The Bachelor”

The tables were turned this season when not one but two bachelors, real estate agent Jay Overbye and bass fisherman Byron Velvick, were presented to 25 female competitors, who each gave a rose to the fella they preferred. Byron won the vote (apparently the fishy smell wasn’t too noticeable), then proceeded to eliminate 10 of the women. Here are the remaining 15, who include a weepy dental hygienist, a jealous model, and a puppy-toting actress, all hoping to win his heart and maybe a ring. Since the women are, on average, a couple of years older than the usual Bachelor cast, the proceedings are more urgent than ever.

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Amanda

Eliminated Oct. 6

AGE 27

OCCUPATION Cosmetics buyer

HOMETOWN New York City


THE LOWDOWN This exotic brunette picked Byron because he was, like, cute. And that’s about as far as it goes. She seems more interested in lounging by the pool than settling down.

MOST LIKELY TO Find a smokin’ hot new boyfriend on the plane ride home

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Ashley

Eliminated Sept. 29

AGE 31


HOMETOWN Santa Barbara, Calif.

CALL HER The Nice Girl

THE LOWDOWN She’s such a great gal she can’t even find anything negative to say about her ex-husband. She just might be too good for Byron, who can’t find anything positive to say about his party-hearty ex.

MOST LIKELY TO Ask to leave

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


“The Bachelor 6”: Meet Andrea

AGE 33

OCCUPATION Dental hygienist


CALL HER The Crazy One

THE LOWDOWN She’s already bought the fabric for her wedding dress, and she’s always crying. Somewhere behind the scenes, a producer is calling frantically for a straitjacket.

MOST LIKELY TO Have a nervous breakdown

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Cheresse

AGE 31

OCCUPATION Advertising director


CALL HER The Soul Mate

THE LOWDOWN She knows just the right thing to say to Byron when the conversation turns to romance and commitment. But what else would you expect from a woman who works in advertising?

MOST LIKELY TO Get her own talk show

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Cynthia

AGE 37

OCCUPATION Charity foundations director

HOMETOWN Hermosa Beach, Calif.

CALL HER The Color Commentator

THE LOWDOWN Alternately describing herself as a ”greasemonger” and ”a fruit ready to fall off the vine,” this insightful observer always has something funny to say.

MOST LIKELY TO Convince Byron that blondes really do have more fun

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Elizabeth

AGE 28

OCCUPATION Pharmaceutical sales


CALL HER The Not-So-Tough Chick

THE LOWDOWN Describing herself as a strong woman in need of a strong man, she hasn’t exactly lived up to her own billing. She’s been content to lurk in the background while other women steal Byron’s time.

MOST LIKELY TO Lose her nerve

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Jayne

AGE 37

OCCUPATION Dog groomer

HOMETOWN Key Largo, Fla.

CALL HER The Shy Girl

THE LOWDOWN Byron proclaimed her his favorite before he even met her, but the bashful dog groomer will need to sit up and speak to be heard over her noisy competition.


Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Kelly

Eliminated Sept. 29

AGE 34


HOMETOWN Beverly Hills, Calif.

CALL HER The Princess

THE LOWDOWN She grabbed attention by bringing her 4-month-old French bulldog to the house, but her cooing over her ”baby” is more annoying than it is endearing.

MOST LIKELY TO Dress her dog in sweaters

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Krysta

AGE 28

OCCUPATION Financial analyst

HOMETOWN Oklahoma City

CALL HER The Bitch

THE LOWDOWN Admitting she liked Jay’s money better than his other attributes and that she’s wooing Byron to win ”the game,” she’s more interested in stomping out the competition than finding true love.

MOST LIKELY TO Be universally hated

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Leina

Departed Sept. 29

AGE 28

OCCUPATION Advertising associate

HOMETOWN Chula Vista, Calif.

CALL HER Lei Lady Lei

THE LOWDOWN She says her mother is already pressuring her to have kids (Leina wants to have four). She gave Byron a lei to make a strong first impression, and it’s pretty clear she’d like the same (ahem) in return.

MOST LIKELY TO Get pregnant on her honeymoon (not necessarily with Byron)

Image credit: Mary: Bob D’Amico/ABC


“The Bachelor 6”: Meet Mary

AGE 36

OCCUPATION Real estate sales

HOMETOWN Tampa, Fla.

CALL HER The Comeback Kid

THE LOWDOWN After getting dumped by Bob the Groper in season 5, Mary and her loudly ticking biological clock are back for another shot at true love. And breeding.

MOST LIKELY TO Seek a sperm donor if rejected

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Natalie

Eliminated Sept. 29

AGE 34

OCCUPATION Writer/retail sales

HOMETOWN Santa Monica, Calif.


THE LOWDOWN She can’t stop talking about how much she loves romance, but she may be too caught up in fairy tales to pursue a real relationship.

MOST LIKELY TO Keep searching for Prince Charming

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Susie

Eliminated Oct. 6

AGE 32

OCCUPATION Insurance broker

HOMETOWN Hollywood

CALL HER The Go-Getter

THE LOWDOWN She says she’s ready to find that certain someone, and we believe her.

MOST LIKELY TO Sell Byron a new insurance policy on his fishing boat

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Tanya

AGE 31


HOMETOWN Plano, Texas

CALL HER The Switch Hitter

THE LOWDOWN At first she was sold on Jay, but now that he’s gone, she’s warming up to Byron. That’s no surprise, since she said her love life was so dead she could hear ”crickets chirping.”

MOST LIKELY TO Take what she can get

Image credit: The Bachelor: Bob D’Amico


”The Bachelor 6”: Meet Wende

Eliminated Sept. 29

AGE 28



CALL HER The Green-Eyed Devil

THE LOWDOWN Describing herself as a ”wild-ass woman from Texas” and ”the most jealous woman you’ll ever meet,” this red-haired model could be really fun, or just really scary.

MOST LIKELY TO Claw someone’s eyes out

The Bachelor: Byron

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