Sony acquires MGM's collection of films -- The studio's take includes Woody Allen's filmography and classic films like ''The Magnificent Seven''

By Michelle Kung
Updated September 24, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Bond! Rocky! The Pink Panther! MGM’s much-admired library of films is clearly the draw for suitors of the beleaguered studio. Now that the Sony consortium (which includes cable giant Comcast) looks like it will win MGM’s hand, let’s see what other treasures a cool $4.8 billion will buy.

Woody Allen’s filmography The studio owns 19 of the neurotic director’s 34 films, including Annie Hall and Manhattan. We’re seeing a 24-hour kvetching-and-self-loathing channel.

The Magnificent Seven Steve McQueen’s The Great Escape is already a videogame. Why not this bandito classic?

The Outer Limits ”There is nothing wrong with your television….” But a film adaptation of this sci-fi TV series could seriously adjust Sony’s financial picture.

The Defiant Ones Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis got Oscar nods in 1959. Let’s see what Jamie Foxx and Sean Penn can do.

Saratoga Trunk Maybe now we’ll be able to get treats like this 1945 Cooper-Bergman melodrama on DVD.