''Sky Captain'''s style is retro and futuristic -- The film's costume designer talks about the varied influences he drew inspiration from for the stars' wardrobe

By Michelle Kung
Updated September 24, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

CGI robots? Virtual backdrops? Whatever. The real (and we mean that literally) marvels of the cooked-up-on-the-computer sci-fi adventure Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow are the snappy retro duds. Hey, if you’re emoting against a bluescreen, you’ve gotta look the part.

GWYNETH PALTROW ”Gwyneth’s character [reporter Polly Perkins] has the potential to become iconic,” says designer Stella McCartney, who created the green suit and matching trilby for her famous pal.

ANGELINA JOLIE ”Angelina’s costume is an homage to artists Wally Wood and Al Williamson,” says costume designer Kevin Conran Sky Captain director Kerry Conran’s older bro). ”They used to draw these fantastic space opera characters in the ’50s.” As for robot-battling Capt. Franky Cook’s mysterious eye patch? ”No reason whatsoever,” says Conran. ”I just thought it would be cool and sexy.” Like Jolie could be anything but.

JUDE LAW Joe ”Sky Captain” Sullivan’s garb is ”essentially a leather bomber jacket with headgear and goggles,” says Conran. ”But in the process of researching the movie, I came across this book about WWII-era pilots. I was dead set on the fleece lining, because he’s up in an uninsulated plane freezing.”

BAI LING Admitting he has a thing for goggles, Conran incorporated the eyewear into the cape of baddie Mysterious Woman (Bai Ling). ”There was this character in the silver age of comics called Dr. Mid-Nite. He was blind and always wore these goggles that looked really cool.”

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

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