Reality TV contestants find guidance in God -- The Lord gets all up in everyone's business on ''The Amazing Race'' and ''Big Brother''

By Jessica Shaw
September 24, 2004 at 12:00 PM EDT

Does God love reality television? Some of His peeps seem to think so. They’ve been giving Him shout-outs on nearly every episode of CBS’ The Amazing Race 5 and Big Brother 5 ?- and He’s repaid them with a lot of divine intervention. Here’s some heavenly insight into the Lord’s reality TV commandments.

Keep Holy Thine Luscious Blond Locks ”It’s okay, baby. You want me to pray for us? Lord, we just trust you ’cause you’re ultimately gonna get us to wherever you want us to be. In Jesus’ name, amen.” –Brandon, after he and Nicole forfeited a challenge by refusing to cut off their model ‘dos in a traditional Hindu ceremony (Amazing Race)

Thou Shalt Bear False Witness Against the Black and the Gay Contestants ”Things were revealed to me in my prayers.” –Adria, explaining why she nominated for eviction Marvin, an African American, and Will, a gay man (Big Brother)

Thou Shalt Not Forget to Split the Million-Dollar Prize With Me ”Lord help us find this clue! I believe you can . . . Lord, I believe you’ll lead me right to it . . . Found it!” –Brandon, praying to find — and then finding! — a clue buried in a mud pit (Amazing Race)

Thou Shalt Not Kill the English Language ”We know there’s two of us on the block. And just give us the strength if one of us do win, both of us regardless still does this game as men and with honor in your name, Lord.” –Michael, before he and Drew went into a veto competition (Big Brother)