Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
September 24, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

‘You’re Fired!’

Why in God’s name is Donald Trump on your cover? There are about 100 other people that deserve to be on the cover of your stellar magazine (Zach Braff, for one), but not the bankruptcy-skirting egomaniac that is the Donald.

CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM c.h.graham@att.net Hampton, N.J.

Trump Card

The wannabe celebs on this week’s cover featuring the new cast of The Apprentice summed up the direction in which reality TV has gone. They are like a roll call from a modeling agency. There is no ”reality” in a cast who would be better suited to an afternoon soap. I guess only tall, slim, young, white people (with the token ethnic representatives) can be successful business leaders. What happened to real people being cast on reality TV?

KEITH HARROP khmail@verizon.net Westlake Village, Calif.

Leave it to The Donald to come up with one of the hippest, most interesting, and most downright entertaining reality shows on the air. Even if you don’t agree with some of the contestants’ questionable antics, there are some delicious tidbits of strategic business acumen to be had at this smorgasbord! The Apprentice is the only show I watch where I sit and take notes!

LYNETTE CARRINGTON lynettecarrington@hotmail.com Gilbert, Ariz.

‘Must’ Read

I almost died of happiness after reading this week’s Must List. Thank you for recognizing OK Go’s greatness! I’ve been a huge fan for years, and I’m happy that someone finally took notice.

CHARLINE TETIYEVSKY hobbitcamellia16@comcast.net Springfield, N.J.

Voice Recognition

I’ve loved Björk’s music and been bored to tears by it, but to call her latest album ”outlandish” (”Guided by Voices”) is neither true nor accurate. Other artists have done similar vocal albums. Todd Rundgren’s A Cappella in 1985 was all his voice — sampled and processed to resemble instruments (no mean feat, considering the crude sampling technology of the day). Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares (The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices) was an all-female vocal album that has shown up in movie soundtracks. Björk is always pushing the envelope, but give the others their due.

RICK NEIDIG rneidig@grandopera.org Newark, Del.

Wahl Defended

Regarding your July 30, 2004, (#776) article entitled ”Ken Wahl Comes Tumbling Down”: This all happened a decade ago. Why is it necessary to add to this man’s misery by dredging up old, unproven allegations of alcoholism?

As the cocreator of Wiseguy, I can tell you that Ken came to me in 1987 clear-eyed and full of unbelievable natural talent. He had a blue-collar work ethic, and I credit him with a great deal of the success of the series.

This article claims that I ”essentially fired Wahl” at the end of the third year of the series. This is not what happened. We had a mutual parting of ways, an honest creative difference over the direction the show should take.

I have stayed in touch with Ken over the years. The camera accident that occurred on our set in 1988 injured him and was the precipitating event leading to a five-year string of injuries, ending with a broken neck from a fall. Ken took some painkillers at the time of the initial camera accident so that he could continue working for me, despite a badly injured Achilles tendon.