Britney Spears and Kevin Federline: 351/Most Wanted/ZUMA Press
September 22, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

She’s not a girl, not yet a bride. Turns out that, for all the hoopla about Britney Spears’ secret wedding to Kevin Federline on Saturday, the two aren’t yet legally married. So reports People magazine, whose senior editor Jess Cagle revealed some of the details from the wedding story in the mag’s upcoming issue on CBS’ The Early Show on Wednesday.

The Sept. 18 ceremony was held at what the handful of invited friends and relatives thought was to be an engagement dinner at the wedding planners’ house outside Los Angeles. By moving the wedding date up from October, in order to preserve its secrecy, the bridal couple moved so fast that they have yet to file a marriage license. ”A lot was complicated because they moved up the date and next week, they?re going to file all of the paperwork,” Cagle said. Part of the paperwork delay may also have had to do with Spears’ reported reluctance to make her backup dancer beau sign a prenuptial agreement. But Cagle said, ”She has agreed on a pre-nup with Kevin, and they have signed their marriage license.”

Cagle debunked some other rumors about the ceremony. Those pink velour hooded sweatsuits that the bridesmaids were photographed wearing, and the white sweatsuits emblazoned with the words ”Pimp Daddy” for the groomsmen? Not worn during the ceremony or the reception but given to the bridal party as gifts and worn to a club later. That club is where guests had to pay for their drinks; the reception did not have a cash bar, as some reports have said.

Us Weekly has its own report on the non-wedding, claiming that Spears and Federline signed a four-page legal document agreeing to the faux nuptials, with the possibility that, once they’d signed a license, they’d either get married for real or simply file the papers retroactively, as permitted by California law. But a Spears spokesperson cast doubt on that report, telling the magazine, ”This is all ludicrous. They are happily married, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.”

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