Jon Stewart: Michael Caulfield/
September 20, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

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Funniest Fake Ad
Jon Stewart

Demonstrating why The Daily Show won two Emmys (for Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program and for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Program), Jon Stewart unearthed a very old presidential campaign ad in order to show that campaign mudslinging — like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads that have plagued John Kerry — is nothing new. The commercial, made by ”Continental Skiff Boat Oarsmen for Veracity,” challenged the military record of George Washington, alleging of his famous Delaware River crossing, ”This be not even the Delaware. It was done at a portrait studio in Weehawken!” The ad even questioned Washington’s patriotism, speculating that his facial features appeared ”Hessian.” At least it didn’t accuse Washington of flip-flopping, or of shirking his National Guard duty.

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