Destiny Fulfilled (Nov. 16)

By Michael Endelman
Updated September 18, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Destiny's Child: Rafael Fuchs/Corbis Outline

Why we can’t wait to hear Destiny’s Child’s latest

In the two and a half years since their last album, they’ve been sitting around bored and lonely. Yeah, right. Michelle Williams starred in a Broadway show, Kelly Rowland scored a hit with Nelly, and Beyoncé, well, just call her the Queen of All Media. The supreme soul trio managed to clear just two months this summer to record tracks for the group’s fifth studio album. In fact, the album isn’t quite finished yet, so some details aren’t available. But Rowland promises that the disc will ”definitely show a side of Destiny’s Child that a lot of people haven’t seen.” Which means, we think, more sex! ”We talk about a lot more, um…mature subjects,” she says with a giggle. ”You know…situations that older people go through.” Heavyweight producers like Rodney Jerkins and Rockwilder contribute to the CD, and titles include ”Game Over” and ”Cater to You,” which Rowland explains ”is about a woman catering to her man in every aspect you can think of.” Is it hot in here? –Michael Endelman