1 JOHNNY CASH Orange Blossom Special 1965 (Columbia) ”It was one of the first albums I heard. My folks had it. It has one of his greatest originals, ‘You Wild Colorado,’ which, just under two minutes long, is a beautiful little tune.”

2 THE SAINTS Eternally Yours 1978 (Triple X) ”The legendary Australian punk band. It’s packed with great songs: ‘Know Your Product,’ ‘A Minor Aversion,’ ‘This Perfect Day.’ It’s like a greatest-hits record.”

3 IGGY AND THE STOOGES Raw Power 1973 (Columbia) ”Even though the first two Stooges records are amazing, I gotta go with this — the James Williamson record.”

4 TIM BUCKLEY Starsailor 1970 (Warner Bros.) ”One of the most bizarre records of all time. One of the most amazing records of all time.”

5 ANGST Mending Wall 1986 (SST) ”They were just a three piece and they had cool harmonies. They hardly sold any records.”

6 HüSKER Dü Zen Arcade 1984 (SST) ”Their first double album. Just a f—in’ classic.”

7 AC/DC Powerage 1978 (Epic) ”It was kind of their most bluesy. On the front cover you see Angus Young with wires coming out of his arms where his hands should be.”

8 THE GUN CLUB Fire of Love 1981 (Slash) ”Actually, I’ll have to go with three Gun Club records (also Miami [1982] and The Las Vegas Story [1984]) because all three are essential albums to have. It’s a crime people have forgotten about them.”

9 LOU REED Transformer 1972 (RCA) ”You know, if I can use that three-in-one trick again, I’d choose these three: Transformer, Berlin [1973], and Street Hassle [1978]. All are way different from one another, but all three are badass.”

10 NEW YORK DOLLS Too Much Too Soon 1974 (Mercury) ”It’s so f—in’ good. It’s got ‘Puss ‘N’ Boots’ and that really great Johnny Thunders tune, ‘Chatterbox.”’

11 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS Easter Everywhere 1967 (International Artists) ”It’s their second album, way weirder than the first. The first track, ‘Slip Inside This House,’ is eight minutes long. [Sings] ‘Bedouins in tribes ascending from the egg into the flower…’ It’s just f—ed up.”

12 RAMONES Ramones 1976 (Sire) ”The bible.”

The former member of Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age is on tour now, in support of his new solo album Bubblegum.