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By EW Staff
Updated September 17, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Depp Impact

It was an excellent choice to put Johnny Depp on the cover of your Fall Movie Preview. More obvious choices could have been the cast of Ocean’s Twelve, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Jim Carrey, but you chose a literary-looking Depp as the cover model. From 21 Jump Street to Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp has made bold choices while remaining one of our favorite actors. Come Oscar season, we’ll all be rooting for Captain Jack!

TRAVIS THRASHER TravisThrasher@tyndale.com North Aurora, Ill.

Hurricane Charley took its toll on southwest Florida when it ravaged our coastline on Friday the 13th. The first joy I found, after days of dealing with no electricity and no mail delivery, was seeing Johnny Depp’s cool and calming gaze on the cover of your wonderful Fall Movie Preview. This was my reward, and I relished it in the semidarkness of a bookstore, which was running on generator power. Sorry, Charley, you can’t keep this movie maven from her EW! Thank you for being my calm after the storm!

KIM ALGAIER SmoothJazzCruise@aol.com Fort Myers, Fla.

Legends of the Fall

For the first time in a few years, this winter’s crop of films doesn’t lend itself to easy anticipation (Fall Movie Preview). There are no sure blockbusters people are waiting for. The worthiness of this Oscar season’s picks will come from their craft, rather than the quantity of their explosions. Even the big-budget Alexander fails to raise the kind of interest it should, and the best performance, on paper, looks to be that of Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles. Could this be the year that surprises win at the Oscars?

LENNY FELGIN lflovenp@yahoo.com Alpharetta, Ga.

The smile I had on my face turned upside down when I got to the preview of Silver City. Yet another attempt by Hollywood to shove its liberal views down our throats. Listen, John Sayles, I can make up my own mind about who should run the country. This trend of Hollywood babying its audience must stop. And to Maria Bello, who’d be happy to be in a movie to remove the president, I’d be happy to see you out of a job when I give my money to Ray and Finding Neverland this fall.

ANDREW L. PALLADINO dr1kes@yahoo.com Edison, N.J.

Where’s the ‘911’?

Your write-up in News & Notes on Dave Chappelle and Comedy Central is long overdue. But how can you mention South Park and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and refrain from mentioning the brilliantly conceived Reno 911!, which has become even more surprising in its second season?

PHILLIP KELLY davinstarr@sbcglobal.net Los Angeles

It’s Got Legs

Stephen King starts his column by defending dreck like The Stepford Wives and The Day After Tomorrow, only to go to town on Spider-Man 2 in its second half (”The Four-Star Follies”)? I agree that Spidey is not in the league of classics like The Godfather, but in an article that supposedly defends ”ice cream cone[s] for the brain,” King has generalized a movie that towers over everything else. What Raimi and Co. have done is nothing short of extraordinary. They’ve created a sequel that lives up to the original and continues the Spider-Man mythology beautifully. Peter Parker, Mary Jane, et al. are flesh-and-blood characters, not robotic drones. King seems to be chastising Spider-Man 2 for not being dumb enough. Sentiments like that scare me more than anything he’s written in the past 20 years.