10 things we learned from the ''Star Wars'' DVDs -- Find out how Carrie Fisher was cast, how Mark Hamill almost got killed, and why Harrison Ford wanted Han to die
Star Wars
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1. The Rebels were always supposed to be attacking the Death Star in Episode IV‘s climactic battle scene. But the concept of the battle station simultaneously being en route to blow up Yavin’s fourth moon came in the editing room. ”That made all the difference in the world in terms of ratcheting up the drama,” says George Lucas.

2. Carrie Fisher only got the role of Leia ”with the proviso that I went to a fat farm and that I lose 10 pounds.”

3. According to Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner, Hamill ”almost got killed” in the Hoth recuperation-tank scene. Just before he hopped in, a light over the open tank cracked and huge pieces of glass ”came tearing down into the water.” Oops.

4. ”Billy Dee had a lot of trouble remembering his lines,” says Fisher of the actor behind Lando Calrissian. Maybe he was too busy making sure his charm hyperdrive was fixed by the techs in Cloud City.

5. The trilogy?s most famous line — ”I am your father” — was never actually delivered by the man behind Vader?s mask, David Prowse. On the set, he told Luke that ”Obi-Wan killed your father.” To maintain secrecy, the only people who knew the real line to be dubbed in later were Empire?s producers, Kershner, and Hamill, who was informed just moments before cameras rolled on his close-up.

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