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On ''Big Brother,'' Nakomis is Goth but not forgotten, as Mike gives his half sister the Cowboy boot and rides into the final three

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September 14, 2004 at 12:00 PM EDT

”Big Brother”: Nakomis is Goth but not forgotten

Who knew Nakomis had an Oscar-winning performance tucked away behind those tats and chains? Sis really had me going with that tearful tirade on the patio; I was actually cursing at Diane for laughing at a girl who was clearly distraught over lying to her half-brother. What a sucker I can be. Sure, Nik played it all cool-beans-like when she finally got the boot, but she showed her true colors when talking to ol’ Jules. (Dug the tight black togs, hon. Keep up the good work!) How about that moment when Nik made a face at Cowboy only seconds before he uttered, ”You have my heart,” in his parting shot? Save the ”it’s just a game” speech for the first-year fans of this show, Nik; the rest of us know you’re counting the minutes before you exact revenge on your bro with buddies Will and Karen.

Other than a frightening promo for a prime-time special in which Dr. Phil told a mom that her son is on some fast train to becoming a serial killer (!!!), nothing really surprised me during last night’s episode. I so hate being right toward the end of this show. Unless Cowboy catches a bad wave and tumbles from that backyard challenge, I’m convinced he’ll go to the end and take the final prize. How could he possibly lose his footing while wearing those comfortable shoes? (Clearly, all three finalists were prepared for some kind of endurance challenge or else they wouldn’t have chosen to wear sneakers.)

Honestly, last night’s show was a veritable campaign stop for Cowboy. He told the jury that should he win the $500K, he’d like to improve the life of his son, Chasen, and spend the rest of his money on a dude ranch for underprivileged kids. He even defied expectations by winning his first-ever veto in a contest clearly designed by electrical engineers from NASA. If Nik uttered one truth last night, it was how Michael is ”America’s favorite cowboy.” Hmm, a rare do-gooder in the BB house. How f—ed up is that?

I say this because I secretly pray for the guy to win. There, I said it! I, too, have been known to ask God for a little help, especially when it comes to the BB house winner. I think the good Lord hears me, too (and to increase the odds, I try to do it around workout equipment or while lying naked in my bed). I don’t want a repeat of last season, when Alison and Jun made it to the end with absolutely zero payoff. Who could love, much less like, vermin like Drew and Diane if they made it to the finale? Not me and certainly not Marvin. (Though frankly I don’t know who homeboy actually likes anymore — he can get so nasty!)

So rope ’em, Cowboy! I’ve got a hankerin’ for you.

Which one of the final three are you rooting for?

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