VMA fashions sizzle and fizzle in Miami -- EW rates the celebrity style of the stars attending the year's Video Music Awards

By Whitney Pastorek
September 10, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

MTV threw its annual self-lovefest in Miami Aug. 29, and though Jay-Z and OutKast won the most Moonmen, the rapidly melting celebrity guests outside won our hearts and deserve some awards of their own. Here, the ones MTV missed:

MOST BUZZWORTHY The freakin’ heat. ”This is the lobby to hell,” sighed always-upbeat Marilyn Manson on the steamy red carpet, ”and I’ve got a long wait ahead of me.”

BEST PINK Kanye West’s smooth Miami Vice pastels.

WORST PINK Poor, sweaty Jimmy Fallon’s Miami-heated face.

WORST COORDINATION No Doubt’s immaculately dressed Gwen Stefani clashed with her bandmates’ grubby tees. ”We didn’t talk about what we were gonna wear,” she laughed.

MOST UNWELCOME GUEST Lenny Kravitz wearing something from the Dune garage sale horning in on the Alicia Keys/ Stevie Wonder duet.

SUITS YOU WHITE AWARD A Mohawked P. Diddy (we’re still trying to wrap our heads around that ‘do), Jay-Z, and Usher worked the ice-cream-man look in almost identical white suits.

METAL MADNESS Jessica Simpson’s (above) shine worked. J. Lo’s brass did not. Don’t get us started on the hat. Or the earrings.

MOST IN NEED OF ANTIFRIZZ PRODUCTS Beyoncé’s humidity-enhanced head meringue.