Dave Matthews' tour bus dumps on sightseers -- EW staffer's aunt gives inside scoop on bathroom waste from band's tour bus hitting tourist boat 


For those who missed it, the Dave Matthews Band got into deep s— Aug. 8 when their bus driver allegedly dumped 800 pounds of bathroom waste from a bridge into the Chicago River, hitting passengers on a tour boat. After extensive investigative reporting, we got a nearly firsthand account from Barbara Zink (below), a volunteer tour guide for the Chicago Architecture Foundation (okay, she’s EW staffer Whitney Pastorek’s aunt).

Hi, Whitney!

Yes, that was one of our boats, but fortunately I was not on that day. Twenty minutes into the tour it began raining poop. There were 120 people on board, and at least two thirds of them got hit. We’re talking hundreds of pounds of slop! No one could begin to guess what hit them-until their brains registered the smell. Some passengers were throwing up. Several were sent to hospitals, just to be sure. And yes, they all got full refunds.

Surveillance cameras at nearby businesses helped Chicago police and the Illinois attorney general trace the bus to Stefan A. Wohl, a driver for the Dave Matthews Band. Wohl denies doing this, but the attorney general’s office is charging them with violating state pollution laws. Mayor Daley is hopping mad!

Can hardly wait to see what flavor Ben & Jerry’s comes up with for this.

We just booked an Alaskan cruise for next summer.

Love ya! Barbara